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BODY SCALEheight and weight scale

HW-600B height and weight machine

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    HW-600B height and weight machine

Major technical date:

Height measurement range: 60-200 cm minimum division: 0.5 cm

Weight measurement range: 8-200kg minimum division: 0.1 kg

Self height: 235 cm N.W.: 42 kg

Working voltage: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

Blood pressure: 0-39KPa

Pulse: 40-180 times/min

A scale is packed in two cartons.

1000*310*310 mm and 700*500*360 mm

This machine is controlled by microcomputer. It can measure the body height, weight and blood pressure. The measuring results can be displayed, printed and spoken. With its advanced ultrasonic technology and exquisite appearance, it has been extensively approved by the market both home and abroad. Different kinds of languages can be selected according to your requirement. The original Omron blood pressure meter is high quality. The thermal printer makes the printing fast and clear, and this kind printer is heavy- duty and easy to operate and maintain. This scale can be used in gymnasium, amusement park, emporium and other places crowds of people.