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BODY SCALEheight and weight machine

HW-VB Height and Weight Scale

Henan Lejia Electronic Technology CO.,LTD. Time:2016-3-2 15:19:01 [Font size] [Font size]

 HW-VB Height and Weight Scale

HW-VB is controlled by microcomputer. It can automatically measure height and weight, and the results can be displayed and announced. The advanced ultrasonic probe for height and delicate sensor for weight ensure fast examination and exact measurement. It is folding and with light self-weight, easy operation and high efficiency, the machine wins many customers' favor. The machine will be an ideal choice for hospital, school, physical examination center, health club, weight loss center, gymnasium and leisure bath center etc.



Functions of Height and Weight Machine



Automatically measure height and weight 

Display the measurement results 

Automatically calculate BMI 

Synchronously voice report 

RS232 output 

Fast measure(480 times per hour) 

Print the result on the ticket